Terence du Fresne 2018.jpg


Born in Bern Switzerland into a family with strong architecture and artistic influences, Terence du Fresne discovered his passion for photography at the age of 15 at photographic set from Balthasar Burkhard. After studying photography at Urs Schott Photostudio he became a independent Photographer at the age of 24 with his own studio in old factory near Bern. Several years later he became also a specialist in high-end retouching.


2008   1. Platz SBF Award

2008   3. Platz Sony World Photographie Award

2009   1. Platz SBF Award

2012    Shortlist Sony World Photographie Award

2014    2. Platz Photokina CGI Award

2015    Lürzers 200 Best Digital Designers worldwide

2016    Lürzers 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide

2017    Lürzers 200 Best Digital Designers worldwide

2018 Lürzers 200 Best Digital Designers worldwide